holiday house in the Erzgebirge

Siedlerberg 4, D-08359 Breitenbrunn OT Rittersgrün, phone/fax/voice: +49-37757-7426, mobile: +49-174-1399084,






We can accommodate up to six people in our non-smoking holiday house. Additional rooms are available on request.

Smokers are also welcome, if they do not smoke inside the house.

We offer: - 2 double rooms
- 1 lounge (+ 2 additional sleeping couches)

Our service

- each room with shower and lavatory
- lounge with television, shower and lavatory
- kitchenette
- garden
- =>grilling and fireplace in the garden (on request)
- sledges for hire
- safe parking
Our prices

01.04.2019 until 30.11.2019 01.12.2018 until 31.03.2019
Our holiday house can be rented for a minimum of six days with a minimum of four adults from 22.12.2019 until 02.01.2020.
double room 15 Eur pppn 21 Eur pppn
single room 18 Eur pppn 24 Eur pppn
children under 13 years 12 Eur pppn 17 Eur pppn
breakfast 5 Eur, on request 5 Eur, on request

short stay (1-3 nights) 3 Eur additional pppn
We are looking forward to welcoming you.

pppn = per person per night
pppd = per person per day